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This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned.

Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

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Partners' Institution:
Fundația EuroEd
Project's period (from/to):
01 June 2015 - 31 August 2016
Activity concerned:
3 - Video Gallery of Testimonials on the Importance of School Education
Objectives of activities carried out:
The third intellectual output of the project will be a Video gallery of Testimonials on why education at school is important to be successful in life and at work.
The Video Gallery of Testimonials will collect interviews with successful entrepreneurs, successful employees and successful people focusing on different real life cases on the labour market to be used as reference with students to highlight the importance of completing school education for being successful at work and in life.
Each of the testimonials collected will explain in a very direct, honest way, based on their personal history, that school education is very important and will encourage students to stay at school and complete their education.
The interviews with successful Entrepreneurs will address the following themes:
• Their personal and professional history
• Their educational and training path
• The specific profiles that they need within their business to underline the importance of school education
• The personal characteristics and the transversal skills they are they are looking for when selecting their staff resources.
The aim of these interviews will be to underline through, real life cases, the importance of completing school education to access to a stable and/or well-paid job and in opening concrete opportunities of a successful and rewarding career.
Description of activities carried out:
Meetings between the members of the team to discuss the aims of this activities and to identify examples of supporting videos, discussing about persons to be invited to be part of the videos we have to develop within the project.
Discussions among the team to prepare until the second meeting an example of video, to be presented and to require feedback.
Organization of a strong promotion champagne in various sectors, with the aim to promote the project and recruit successful people/entrepreneurs to offer a support interview to the project. Organization of events, participation in conferences on the topic of "What success means" or related to business. Distribution of flyers and informative emails. Participation in direct meetings with key person.
Had been done a huge work in terms of setting up meetings for filming, the actual practice of filming in different places, the editing part of the material, translation of the interview and work on the subtitles, the elaboration of the final version of the video interview.
To support the visual presentation of the interviews, EuroEd set up a project YouTube channel.
Periodically, EuroEd is involved in making posts on Facebook with the results of the interviews or different other inspirational videos for students.
During this period over 20 interviews have been taken, and 15 of them have been finalized and uploaded on the project portal and the other ones are still in progress.
EuroEd has been involved also in meetings with young people with the aim to present the video, to visualize together and film the short debriefing for some of the videos.
School&Work Project YouTube Channel -
1,629 views on YouTube
62 videos uploaded on YouTube
5 Interviews with entrepreneurs
5 Interviews with employees
5 Interviews with successful people
4 exploitation links
2 informative emails
10 evaluation questionnaires
1 evaluation report
3 testimonials
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
All the activities and results carried out were according the calendar of activities and methodology agreed by the partnership.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.