Partners' Institution:
Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón (CREA)
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2014 - 31 August 2016
Activity concerned:
TA 4 - Quality and Monitoring Plan

Objectives of activities carried out:
The project monitoring and evaluation activities will be carried out throughout the project period and will involve all the project partners. The monitoring and evaluation strategy has been jointly adopted by the steering committee during the kick off meeting.
Project partners will produce two yearly evaluation reports, one at progress and one at final stage
The aim of the quality and monitoring plan is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and items of the project: the planning, the management (operational and financial), the partnership, the activities, the results.

Each partner will provide:

- 1 progress and 1 final evaluation questionnaire filled in
- 1 progress and 1 final national evaluation report

Description of activities carried out:
CREA has contacted different stakeholders to evaluate the intelectual outputs. So far, the partner has compiled the evaluations from all project IOs, and produced both evaluation reports with the information contained therein.

CREA has made an evaluation report of the four IOs.