Partners' Institution:
Fundația EuroEd
Project's period (from/to):
01 November 2014 - 31 August 2016
Activity concerned:
5 - School&Work Portal

Objectives of activities carried out:
The "Schools&Work" Portal will be the platform that will collect and make accessible all the intellectual outputs produced within the project.
The Portal will also contain a virtual community of teachers, counsellors and representative of the world of work to enhance the knowledge sharing experience and foster the synergic cooperation between the two sectors in order to tackle early school leaving and the issues related to low basic skills students that then fail to enter in the job market and to answer to the needs of companies.

The Portal will be organised in different sections dedicated to each of the intellectual outputs produced. The section contents will be duly introduced, providing to the user all the necessary information and guidance on how to access and exploit the contents.
Main descriptive texts will be available in all languages of the partnership.

A section of the project portal is dedicated to the management of the project and it is mostly addressed to the project partners.

Description of activities carried out:
To support the development/implementation of this intellectual output, EuroEd carried out the following activities:
- Familiarization with the project portal and procedure for submitting materials.
- Translation of the portal content into Romanian
- Uploading dissemination activities on the project platform.
- Uploading information on updates on the work in progress activities on each intellectual output and activities categories
- Uploading the skills and aptitude tests
- Upload the wizzards
- Translation of the portal content
- Uploads on the 10 job profiles
- Uploads of the online courses
- Uploads of the Crowdfunding Platforms
- Uploads on the video interviews
- Uploads on the E-learning package
- Uploads on comments on all products of the portal
- Access on forum and discussions and feedback on the e-learning package modules

- Updates on the dissemination activities carried out
- Updates on the progress of the activities carried out at national level
- data of 9 schools
- 8 aptitude tests uploaded
- 7 skills tests uploaded
- 3 wizards
- 10 job profiles
- 5 Entrepreneurial Spirit Courses
- 4 Crowdfunding Platforms
- 15 video interviews
- 1 module developed
- comments
- testimonials
- links
- conferences data

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
Activities carried out according to the calendar and methodologies agreed by the partnership.