Partners' Institution:
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2014 - 31 August 2016
Activity concerned:
TA 3 - Exploitation

Objectives of activities carried out:
The project partners will be committed to carry out activities in order to promote the project sustainability. A sustainability plan will be adopted among the consortium aiming to:
• Promote the Portal through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing educational materials for teachers; portals containing job offers etc.)
• Promote it among public authorities and key policy makers in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Education.
• Involve new members as associated partners

Description of activities carried out:
Project Portal promotion was done through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues: Ministry of education, Education development centre, Association of hotels and restaurants, Kaunas Chamber of commerce, ect. Links have been posted on 7 external websites: Ministry of Education of Lithuania, Education development centre under the ministry of education, Italian - Lithuanian chamber of commerce, Kaunas Chamber of commerce, Rotary regional organization, Ministry of Environment of Lithuania, Lithuanian association of Hotels and restaurants.
The project coordinator Irena Navickiene met with the representatives of above mentioned 7 institutions inviting them to become associated partners of the project and all of them showed great interest in collaboration with the University in the framework of the project. The forms for collection of exploitation links were filled in, the screenshots were made, Associated partners' letters were signed and sent to the project manager.
Additional agreement of cooperation was signed between the Lithuanian university of educational sciences and the Ministry of environment of Lithuania on organizing students' practice ( study visits) at the institutions under the Ministry of environment.

7 associated partners involved into the Project:

1.Education development centre
2.Ministry of Education
3.Italian - Lihuanian Chamber of commerce
4.Ministry of Environment
5.Kaunas Chamber of commerce
6.Lithuanian association of Hotels and restaurants
7.Rotary regional organiazation with 20 members - Rotary clubs.

Exploitation links and cooperation with the associated partners guarantee the sustaibability of the project.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The task was carried out according the calendar of activities and methodology agreed by the partnership.