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Online Tests

These tests identify students’ abilities and inclinations.


These tests, produced by the project experts, should be used by teachers and school counsellors to support students in the identification of their abilities and inclinations with the purpose to support their motivation and future employability.

Title of Test Description Questions
Alla scoperta di me stesso La proposta si rivolge a: • consulenti e operatori scolastici, insegnanti che lavorano spesso con alunni in difficoltà e a rischio reale di abbandono scolastico • In questa procedura guidata le competenze e le attitudini (soft skills, abilità nelle relazioni, capacità di problem solving, att... 25
Are you ready to start a sandwich course? This test aims to evaluate the student’s abilities in order to detect if he can follow a sandwich course.... 25
Careers that may be right for you Based on your skills, aptitudes, interests and future perspectives the following test will provide you a presumption on the best suitable job cluster for you. These survey results are intended to assist you with informal career exploration, what jobs you’ll find in each area, in what type of profe... 25
Connaissance de soi Ce test aide les élèves à découvrir plusieurs facettes de leur personnalité. Il s'inscrit dans une démarche double: faire le bilan de sa personnalité au travail, selon l'évaluation de plusieurs dimensions, et mettre en parallèle cette synthèse personnalisée avec les intérêts professionn... 25
Discover myself The proposal that had been suggested keeps in mind: • At school counselors, teachers often work with a class with pupils in difficulties and real risk of early school leaving • In this wizard the skills and attitudes (soft skills, skills in relationships, problem solving skills, attitudes) are... 25
Essential Skills and Attitudes This questionnaire is designed to identify students’ essential skills: problem solving, communication, social skills and attitudes. The results of the questionnaire are a tool for the student, his or her teachers and career counsellors to gain a general impression of the student’s skills and fin... 35
Identifying My Personality Developing overall skills is the key to successful interaction with others. Relationship skills are an important part of developing or teaching life skills. On this basis, teachers and other school counsellors very often work with students who encounter difficulties in communication with others and ... 25
In what field would you like to work ? This test aims to detect which is the best suitable professional sector for the student, taking into account his interests, activities in the daily life, and how he perceives himself.... 25
Mes intelligences multiples La théorie des intelligences multiples laisse entendre que chaque personne possède certaines formes d’intelligences distinctes aux proportions variées. Les formes de ces intelligences, leur force relative ainsi que les façons et la facilité avec laquelle on peut les modifier varient d’une p... 40
My multiple intelligences This test is used with 4th year students (16 years old) in a technical and vocational school (middle secondary school) including some at risk of early school leaving. The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that everyone has some form of distinct intelligences in varying proportions. The shap... 40
Overview on my attitudes and skills Interactive Wizard Template The hereby test provides a useful tool for students to reflect on their aptitudes in those sectors that can be gathered under the broad definition of “clerical”. This umbrella term covers also graphic-digital skills and mechanical aptitudes and abilities: features tha... 25
Personality at work This test aims to evaluate the student’s personality in order to detect in which kind of job positions may the student feel more confident and motivated. We are not evaluating here the professional field (electronics, medicine, architecture…) but the job position characteristics such as outdoor/... 25
Quel métier pour moi ? Ce test est expérimenté auprès d’élèves de 4ème année de l’enseignement professionnel et technique (2ème degré du secondaire) dont certains sont à risque de décrochage. Il s’intègre dans une démarche de projet personnel que l’élève développe tout au long de l’année scolair... 25
Quels domaines d'activités sont faits pour moi? L'objectif de ce test est de vous permettre de découvrir vos domaines d'activité dominants, à partir de vos centres d'intérêt. Il est un outil d'aide à l'orientation professionnelle et peut constituer une démarche préalable à un entretien avec un professionnel du conseil en orientation. Ce ... 25
Reveal your interests Here's an easy way through out you can discover your area of interest and those types of activities that you prefer to perform and are suitable for your competences.... 25
Spatial ability This test aims to evaluate the student’s spatial ability through a series of pictures either rotated or in 3D. Taking into account the nature of the exercise, time needed to do it is considered important. Students should be given a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the test, and should be informed... 24
The proper type job group for you The test identifies students’ favourite activities and aims at highlighting students’ best skills and the jobs that are most suitable for them according to their interests. The questionnaire is based on Holland’s career choice questionnaire and adapted to a school environment.... 25
Which job is right for me? Description This test is used with 4th year students 16 years old) in a technical and vocational school (middle secondary school) including some at risk of early school leaving. It is part of a personal project based that students develop all along the school year to determine the course of study th... 25
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Date: 2016.11.09

Posted by Neringa Sakiniene - Lithuania

Interactive tests are well structured and are really helpful in unveiling the students' abilities and inclinations.It's a good tool for counsellors.

Date: 2016.11.09

Posted by Elza Gheorghiu - Romania

Teenagers appreciate tests which help them discover themselves. Multiple intelligences tests highlight what they are good at. Needless to say, they work on students' self esteem.
It's a brilliant idea to have such a rich collection of tests, available on one site. Well done!

Date: 2016.11.09

Posted by Roger Lesage - Belgium

Here, teachers and even psychologists do not use this type of tools. They rather use a face-to-face approach with students who have guidance difficulties.
Even if this type of tests is little used here, it is useful to make it known to young people, teachers and counsellors.

Date: 2015.11.20

Posted by Ana F - Spain

It is nice to find a huge variety of tests different to those we used to work with. It gives you a wider approach.
Nevertheless, there are not too many in Spanish and most of my students are not confident in reading and thinking in other language than Spanish.

Date: 2015.09.17

Posted by Christine Cloes - Belgium

In our region (French-speaking Belgium), students and teachers are not fluent in English. They should therefore be provided as much as possible with tools and information in their language, French in this case.
The overall structure of the portal (titles of the sections) is translated but so should be the databases if we want them to be used by the students (or even teachers and counsellors).
Regarding the collected material, there is a small number of tests available in French, which largely decrease the interest of the tool for the Belgian audience.
However, for those who have a sufficient command of English, this collection of tests is a source that is worth exploiting.

Date: 2015.08.17

Posted by Jean-Marc Delbovier - Belgium

This section is relevant because the better students know themselves the more easily they will learn.
I will keep using the tests in the context of students welcome or in "help to success".

Date: 2015.08.17

Posted by Christophe Brankart - Belgium

This section is very interesting for teachers involved in "help to success" in our department, because self-knowledge is helpful to succeed.
I haven’t had the chance to have students use the website… I have used it, it helps reflect upon oneself, better grasp some peculiarities of one’s personality even if it is sometimes very general.

Date: 2015.07.06

Posted by A. D. - France

This section provides to our students the opportunity to reflect on its aspirations and priorities, as they begin their working life. I think it will be useful to our apprentices and it can have an impact on their motivation to work. It can also help them to develop a career plan after obtaining the diploma.

Date: 2015.07.06

Posted by A. B. - France

This section is really relevant, as it provides the necessary information for a better understanding of oneself on the one hand, and to think on its wishes, on the other hand.

Date: 2015.07.05

Posted by Toma Grabauskaite, teacher - Lithuania

The results of the tests matched well with the personal characteristics of the students who took it. It shows that the tests are professionally made and reliable.The tests are helpful in identifying our students' hidden potentials and existing skills.

Date: 2015.07.05

Posted by Nina Zemaiteliene, counsellor - Lithuania

The tests are practical and they provide immediate feedbacks. These tests provide opportunity for student to explore their skills and
experience them in greater depth. Excellent intellectual output of the project which helps us to develop personalised guidance service to our students.

Date: 2015.07.05

Posted by Aneta Narkevic, counsellor Sauletekio secondary school - Lithuania

Wonderful and useful collection of on-line tests.My students did some of them and discovered their strengths and weaknesses.After testing It was really interesting to hear new ideas from the students concerning their carreer planning.

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by Bailo Samuele - - Prato ITALIA

The test "Overview on my attitudes and skills" has simple and synthetic applications and not causes difficulties.
If done before starting a course helps you to orientate better

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by Gianni Zucchetti - - Italia

I think "Overview on my attitudes and skills" test is a very useful tool to guide the student. I will recommend to my friends

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by Pamela Pelagatti - - ITALY

Thanks to well-structured and simple questions with Interactive Template Wizard "Overview on my attitudes and skills" is easy to have an idea of own skills / abilities, this awareness is critical to the student in a training course.

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by Gaia Paoli - - ITALY

The test "Overview on my attitudes and my skills" is very important for all students because with that tool they understand the aptitudes , interests and skills.

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by Corinna Poggianti - Italy

The test "Overview on my attitudes and my skills" is useful to help students to identify the main areas of interest. It is still a need to talk in-depth with the operator to define more profile.

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by E. M. - France

Results of online tests are very useful to students. These tests could absolutely take part to the portfolio process which we will set up, and as part of a personalised support.

Date: 2015.07.03

Posted by J. I. - France

This section of the portal distinguishes several competences which can be difficult to identify in class. Tests allow to better understand some aptitudes and difficulties for young people. I would recommand it at the time of searching a higher training.

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Cristina Smirnov - Romania

I am also interested in multiple intelligences and in time I managed to raise my students' interest in such tests. They are useful as they help them find out what they are good at and realise that we can be intelligent in different ways.

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Lucia - Romania

I believe in the importance of multiple intelligence tests that can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses during their search for who they are. Great selection of tests! Keep up the good work

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Cristina Farzi - Romania

Tests are useful for teachers. They support our work with students and help us give students a general sense of career direction. In most cases they confirm the observations we've made or the expectations we have about our students.

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Petru Raducanu - Romania

I really appreciate the existence of such a site with a good collection of tests. I have gone through them and I have found them useful. I am sure my students will do them all as well.

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Lucretia Moruzi - Romania

I think it is an excellent idea. Students are really interested in such tests. They help them find their ways in life. Sometimes they are confused and need a second or even a third opinion. The more test we have the better it is.

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by stefan Colibaba - romania

The tests are relevant for the age, needs and interests of the target group.
Perhaps there should be a standard no.of Qs for all tests (there are 25, 40 and 24-question tests).

Date: 2015.07.02

Posted by Georgiana Tudose - Romania

Online testes are very good because when we become confused in choosing careers, they can help us we are oriented toward something new that is suitable for us or something we haven't thought of.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.