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The module focuses on the psychological aspects to be addressed and taken into account to understand the pupils’ personal aptitudes and characteristics, to identify those aspects that must be considered to personalize their education path, motivation to study and the risk factors that can lead to the decision of abandoning school.

Understanding pupils

Table of Content

Chapter 4 - Work opportunities during and after school
A school, a course, a training path: relationships between school and work opportunities.
If we define career as a sequence of person’s learning and work experiences, we have to agree, that it starts already at school. During this, quite a long and important career period, it is essential for pupils to develop basic career management skills for successful future career choices. Nowadays a person in a present chaotic, dynamic and global labour market must be an active career developer, capable to know himself, to explore career options, make career decisions, set realistic career goals, and prepare plans to achieve these objectives and to implement them successfully. School has to prepare pupils for successful integrations with the realistic expectations into the labour market and to enable them for independent development of their career path according to the personal needs and to respond flexibly to ongoing changes in the world of work. School staff’s role in this process is to help pupils to develop basic career competences:

  • The cognition of career relevant personality characteristics
  • Career information gathering, evaluation and use
  • Exploration of learning opportunities
  • Exploration of employment opportunities
  • Creation of career vision
  • Career decision making
  • Creation of career plan
  • Learning process management
  • Job search process management

All those competences can be developed during formal course or extracurricular classes in a cooperation among pupils, teachers, psychologists, social workers, representatives of the world of work, social partners.

The pupils who know their personal strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, interests, values and personality features can self-directly, proactively, deliberately organize their learning process according to his/her career vision and plan: purposefully choose a learning course, modules, subjects, extracurricular activities, take an advantage from volunteering, societies opportunities. Researches show that pupils who are able to understand the connections between school and future career, have clear career goals, will be more actively engaged in their academic tasks and more likely will succeed in high school.
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Table of Content

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Date: 2016.09.13

Posted by Aneta - Lithuania

It provides a lot of useful information that is essential towards pupils’ understanding.

Date: 2016.09.13

Posted by Beata Višniak-Bakšienė - Lithuania

This section contains specific information that makes it possible to define the classes’ structure, provides future activities and direction.

Date: 2016.08.03

Posted by L. Barrada - Spain

For the e-learning package, I am sure I will use some of the chapters in the near future. I keep them to use them with my own resources.

Date: 2016.07.10

Posted by Palumbo Luana - Italy

This section is very important because it gives all the tools to understand the pupils’ needs, the level of their skills, their dreams about a future job. For teachers it is also useful because it offers a series of tests to know and exalt the pupils’ potentialities. Teachers can also inform pupils about the concrete possibilities of working and living abroad.
The contents of the package are undoubtedly very useful, because they permit the deep knowledge of all the possibilities offered by the labour market.
In particular the “Job profiles section offers an exhaustive explanation of how the labour market requests new profiles or is modifying the existing ones., Finally it will be important to improve the section of test so students can start to think about their skills and aptitudes

Date: 2016.07.07

Posted by I. Jacquard - France

The contents are really interesting and there are a lot of online resources.

Date: 2016.07.06

Posted by Emanuela Gheorghiu - Romania

The first module Understanding pupils highlights important theoretical psychological aspects which should be considered in order to understand and identify students’ personal aptitudes and characteristics; these aspects are useful when personalizing students’ education pathway towards the most suitable career and life style for them.
The last chapter strikes a balance between theory and practice by providing teachers and counsellors with best practices, experiences and success stories related to career planning, guidance and counselling.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.