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This module focuses on how experts (teachers, school directors, parents, anyone involved in the orientation choices) should help students to find out what they want to do and offer them a variety of choices when it comes to guidance and counselling, and also make students realize they are the actors of their own life.

Guidance, Counselling and Support Services

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Chapter 2 - Times of intervention and different roles
4. Different actors to offer a complete vision of students
The idea is to set up the conditions of a strategic plan based on consistency, from the engagement of all actors as specific resources for the youth’s guidance in his orientation. Specific resources because they have a different vision of the student according to the role they have.
Specific resources, yet re-defined in coherence and in complement with other resources to have a broader vision on the youth and to offer a more rigorous and more accessible guidance. Each actor can bring his own vision and all the different visions give a better understanding of the student and he can therefore be guided in a relevant manner.
It is therefore necessary to stop considering academic assessment as the only criteria to decide which path the student should take, but use it as one factor among others to offer a more complete analysis. Academic assessment is often an average grade and needs to be taken into account but it we need to remind ourselves that academic assessment is the evaluation of a performance at a given situation.

It is important to point out every skill that the academic assessment cannot evaluate and think about the possible progress in a different context and with another kind of motivation thanks to the vision of :
  • Educators on extracurricular dimension such as culture, sport and community life. A dialogue is a way to point out what the student likes
  • Professionals in the context of internships. They are able to see if the student can follow the rules of life in a company, and if he has the specific skills to do the job
  • Education psychologists
  • Not to forget the vision the family can have in the specific context of family circle.
Online Resources
  • Steering committees in FranceThis website is a guide from the French Ministry of Education on how organizing and reinforcing steering committees.
  • Partnership between schools and companiesThis page, from the French Education Ministry, explains the importance of a partnership between schools and companies.
  • Parent-Teacher conferencesThis page shows the importance of Parent-Teacher conferences. Parents need to be involved in their children’s education and choices of career. It is also a way to create a link between parents, children and school staff.

Table of Content

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Date: 2016.09.13

Posted by Sigita - Lithuania

The strongest points of the E- learning package is the online accessibility of numerous resources for teachers and counsellors on how to understand pupils, how to deal with pupils at risk of early school leaving, how to motivate them to continue their studies at school.

Date: 2016.08.03

Posted by A. Navarro - Spain

The E-learning package section is an interesting source of information to include in my school counseling material. It enriches it.

Date: 2016.07.07

Posted by Elizabeth David - France

All modules are interesting and present new approaches. I particularly liked module 6 with the chapter about generation Z. And I like the idea that students are the masters of the choices they make.

Date: 2016.07.07

Posted by Didier Cahour - France

This module talks about ideas that already existed but that have never been set up.

Date: 2016.07.06

Posted by Andreea Ionel - Romania

The six training modules provide teachers and counsellors with the necessary skills which can enable them to guide students in their professional career. The modules display a wide diversity of online materials ranging from personal opinions on blogs, scientific articles, e-books, surveys, lectures, interviews or in/formational, explanatory, factual, and demonstrative video clips.

Date: 2016.07.06

Posted by Anabella Enachi - Romania

This module focuses on how teachers, school directors, counsellors, tutors or parents should help students by empowering them to discover themselves and identify the best ways to achieve their potential in life.
The module provides teachers and counsellors with theoretical and practical information on school guidance and counselling on career orientation starting from the basic definition of school guidance, its main actors, its role in students’ life as well as hands-on activities teachers and counsellors can use to help students with their career orientation and solutions to motivate students to stay at school. The module gives teachers and counsellors plenty of best practices, experiences and success stories to consider and follow.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.